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E.B.D.P NEWS-June 2011 Issue

E.P.D.P. News

E.P.D.P Association: I-1597, C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019

10th June, 2011
Dear Residents,
Amidst various works that are on hand, we note the following for your information.

Meeting with D.D.A and with the representatives of Delhi Jal Board regarding Sewer Lines in C.R. Park and its handing over to Delhi Jal Board by Delhi Development Authority.

(A) Lot of Blockages of Sewer Lines in certain Blocks of C.R. Park particularly in M, N.O, P, Pocket-52, 88, 56 and 48 and the D.D.A markets in C.R. Park periodically come up and to find a proper solution to the problems, we had a detailed meeting with Shri. Anil Kumar Pandit, Chief Engineer (South-II), D.D.A and Delhi Jal Board officials who are responsible for maintenance of Sewer Lines. These Sewer lines and the sewage system of the D.D.A Markets of C.R. Park still continue with the D.D.A and not handed over to the Sewer Deptt. of Delhi Jal Board. It transpired in the meeting that till D.D.A hands over the sewer lines of M, N, O, P Pocket-52, 88, 56 & 48 and Markets of C.R. Park to Delhi Jal Board, they will not be able to effectively undertake any work of Sewage disposal. It was agreed in the meeting that DDA will hand over sewer lines to Delhi Jal Board after DDA pays “Deficiency Charge” to D.J.B, as mutually agreed, and decide the manner of its handing over to the Delhi Jal Board.

(B) As regards the inner Sewer Lines of C.R. Park, it was impressed upon that Sewer Deptt. Officers of D.J.B in the meeting that they should promptly attend to the complaints and further, they should undertake replacement of sewer lines wherever required. Recently, sewer lines in some portion of ‘H’ Block are to be replaced shortly.

(C) A new sewer line along with the rebuilding of certain manhole was laid by the Sewer Deptt. of D.J.B on the road between ‘G’ and ‘H’ Blocks, with active participation of E.P.D.P Association and ‘G’ & ‘H’ Block RWAs, thus improving the outflow from ‘G’ and ‘H’ Blocks. This operation was conducted in the month of May, 2011 though the Road Restoration will be completed shortly in June, 2011.

Payment of Property Tax to M.C.D

Earlier we had informed the residents about the acceptance of Property Tax forms for the year 2011-2012 in E.P.D.P office for submission to M.C.D. In response thereof, residents are availing the facility from E.P.D.P Association for filling the form, depositing the tax amount etc. to M.C.D and thereafter delivery of the receipt from M.C.D. The last date of depositing the tax with M.C.D is upto 30th June, 2011. Therefore, those residents who are still desirous to avail the facility are requested to do so by 29th June, 2011.

Garbage Dump at the entrance of Kali Mandir Complex.

Garbage Dump at the main entrance to Kali Mandir Complex from ‘K’ Block side was spilling dirt and emitting foul smell. For the devotees visiting the Temple it was an eye sore. We have been requesting M.C.D to shift the Dump. Shri. Vikas Anand, Deputy Commissioner, M.C.D, Central Zone recently visited the colony and E.P.D.P office where after our Members accompanied him to the Garbage site and requested him to arrange shifting the Dump to some other place. He however promised to get a covering wall erected to ward off the foul smell and filth of the Garbage Dump. A proper wall has since been erected by the M.C.D to the satisfaction of the devotees.

Re-construction of demolished Bus Shed in C.R. Park.

All the Bus sheds in the colony were demolished before the Commonwealth Games. Our representatives met the General Manager, D.T.C and requested him to reconstruct the demolished Bus sheds. The Agency i.e. D.I.M.T.S which was engaged in the reconstruction work of the Bus shed has completed the work in close co-ordination with E.P.D.P Representatives. New Bus sheds have also since been constructed which would provide relief to Bus commuters.

Water Supply in C.R. Park

We have been making efforts to (i) replace the defective / corroded water pipelines in C.R. Park so that the residents do not face acute water shortage and (ii) replace the old pipelines of C.R. Park in a phased manner.

Delhi Jal Board has recently completed the replacement of pipes in a few lines of certain Blocks. For other lines, Delhi Jal Board will meet the cost of the pipes out of their own budgetary allocation of Rs. 24 lakhs. This is being constantly followed up with D.J.B for undertaking the work.

Adoption of ‘K’ Block and “Co-operative Ground” Parks of ‘J’ Block by Delhi Parks and Garden Society.

Consequent upon adoption of ‘K’ Block and Co-operative Ground Park of ‘J’ Block by Delhi Parks & Garden Society, the respective R.W.As have started maintaining these parks. In these two parks, the C.R. Park Milan Samity and Co-operative Ground Puja Samity conduct the Durga Puja every year. Certain problem has arisen to hold the Durga Puja in these Parks. We had organized meeting with Delhi Parks and Garden Society, Horticulture Deptt. of M.C.D and the local Councillor Shri. Dhir Singh Kasana and ex-Councillor Shri. Virender Kasana. Hopefully, the problem would get solved well before the Durga Puja.

7. Protest against the proposed opening of Savitri Cinema Complex in Greater
Kailash-II area.

Delhi Administration has taken a decision to re-open the Savitri Cinema which was closed for many years. This decision led to the agitation of various R.W.As of nearby areas e.g. Greater Kailsh-II, Greater Kailash-I, Alaknanda, Masjid Moth, Chittaranjan Park etc. because the opening of the Cinema Hall will cause heavy traffic bottlenecks and vehicular congestion for entering these places. We had joined hands with these R.W.As as running the Cinema Hall will lead to traffic congestion with consequential difficulties for entering C.R. Park from Greater Kailsh-II side. A candle light protest Rally was organized by these R.W.As including E.P.D.P Association on 30th May, 2011 in front of Savitri Cinema. We are in touch with R.W.As of Greater Kailash-II and others. We have sought the co-operation of all Block R.W.As and Socio-Cultural Organizations of C.R. Park.
E.P.D.P. News

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