Monday, May 24, 2010

EBDP activities spur

Significant events during April -- May 2010

Ø Shri. Ajay Maken, M.P and Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs along with Shri. Dhir Singh Kasana, Councillor and Shri. Virender Kasana, Ex-Councillor visited C.R. Park on 12-4-2010 and interacted with the office-bearers of various block R.W.As of the Area. .The meeting was organized by the E.B.D.P Association at Co-operative Puja Park, ‘J’ Block C.R. Park. The Hon’ble Minister and the Councillor were welcomed by Dr. Nitish Sengupta, Ex-M.P and others.
Ø Shri. Roy, Secretary of E.B.D.P Association requested the Hon’ble Minister for providing facilities for Multi-Level Car Parking , Carpeting of Roads and Back Lanes (E.B.D.P Association already received copies of the work orders), eliminating traffic hazards etc. Shri. Roy also pointed out that though as compared to other places, general law and order problems are much better because of the strict vigil of the local Police, but of late some incidents of snatching, car thefts etc. have happened. Shri. Roy requested the local Police for alerting their beat constables for avoiding such incidents.

Ø The E.B.D.P Association, C.R. Park had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. V.K. Malhotra, area M.L.A on 1st May 2010 who inaugurated one of the five Rain Water Harvesting Pits (Defunct Bore wells) sanctioned by the Delhi Jal Board and M.C.D, located at ‘G’ Block Park, C.R. Park opposite Chandra Lok cinema in the presence of office bearers of EBDP.

Ø Railway Reservation Van “Mushkil Aasan” being Parked near E.B.D.P
Association Building, I-1597, C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019.
At the behest of E.B.D.P Association, the Railways have already started to Park the “Mushkil-Aasan”Railway Reservation Van near the E.B.D.P office every Monday from 10-30 A.M to 4-30 P.M. This would facilitate the residents to book the Railway tickets from “Mushkil Aasan” Reservation Van.
Incidentally, it is also informed that our efforts with the Railways and Postal Deptt. to open a Railway Reservation Counter in the C.R. Park Post Office will shortly fructify.

Ø D.T.C Route Survey for New Buses.
Route Survey for plying D.T.C new Buses from C.R. Park was done and possibility for the following is round the corner:
(i) C.R. Park to Dwarka via A.I.I.M.S, Sarojini Nagar, Dhaula Kuan.
(ii) C.R. Park to N.O.I.D.A via Lajpat Nagar, Akshardham Temple etc.

Ø Replacement of old Water Pipelines.
Old and rusted water pipelines have been changed in 2/3 Blocks of C.R. Park with new water pipelines by Delhi Jal Board. Action is being taken to replace the old pipelines in other Blocks and financial sanction is being sought for the remaining Block of houses in C.R. Park.

Ø Good News for Residents of C.R. Park
Residents will be happy to know that after sustained efforts with the help of area representatives i.e. Councillor, M.L.A & M.P, Central Road Fund has released about Rs.6 Crores for strengthening of roads and improvement of drainage system etc.. Work Orders have already been issued for completion of work within next 6 months .

Ø Sanction of Rs.6 lakhs for new Bore Well in ‘F’ Block, C.R. Park.
To improve the water supply in ‘F’ Block, Shri. V.K. Malhotra, Hon’ble M.L.A has sanctioned Rs.6 lakhs for a new Deep Bore-well which will be installed by Delhi Jal Board. When installed the water supply will improve in ‘F’ Block.