Friday, December 24, 2010

Inauguration of New Bus Terminal- Alaknanda Terminal


To Date: 17-12-2010
All Residents of C.R. Park,
New Delhi-110019

Subject: Inauguration of a New Bus Terminal in Alaknanda Complex,
New Delhi and introduction of New Bus Routes.

You would be glad to know that after lot of efforts made by E.P.D.P Association with the active participation of Block R.W.As to improve the Bus Service of the area. We are happy to announce that Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs & M.P Shri. Ajay Maken inaugurated a new Bus Terminal at Alaknanda complex (next to Kalka Public School) the 17th December, 2010 in the presence of Shri. Dhir Singh Kasana, Councillor, Shri. Virender Kasana, ex-Councillor and representatives of Block R.W.As of C.R. Park, Alaknanda & D.D.A flats and the concerned officers of Delhi Transport Corporation, local Residents and the Police.

2. After inauguration of the new Bus Terminal, a new Bus Route No: 724-C (frequency of 40 mins) has been introduced from Alaknanda to Uttam Nagar via C.R. Park, BRT corridor, Kamala Nehru / Gargi College, AIIMS, Nauroji Nagar, Dhaula Kuan, Kirby Place, Lajwanti Garden, Janakpuri, Dwarka More and finally to Uttam Nagar.

2.1 Bus Route No: 445 (frequency of 40 mins) will now be reintroduced from Alaknanda. It will pass through G.K-II entering C.R. Park from Savitri Cinema end. It will terminate at New Delhi Station after covering Mkt. No.1 and 2 of C.R. Park touching East of Kailash Metro Station and then proceeding on its original route.

2.2 Frequency of Bus No: 490 will be increased to every 20 mins with both A/c and non A/c Buses. Commercial viability of this route will be studied by D.T.C in future.
2.3 The Residents are therefore requested for availing themselves of the above Routes.

3. Besides our efforts for last few years, Shri. Keshav Agarwal of ‘B’ Block, C.R. Park was very helpful in this regard. Our Councillor Shri. Dhir Singh Kasana and ex-Councillor Shri. Virender Kasana extended lot of help for getting the Bus Terminal and Buses introduced. Last but not the least, Shri. Naresh Kumar, CMD of DTC took great interest in approving the above Routes.

4. Feeder Bus Service from C.R. Park to Nehru Place Metro Station
We approached Delhi Metro Railway Service for feeder bus service from Nehru Place Metro station to C.R. Park. There after route survey was done by them. To expedite the matter, our President Dr. Nitish Sengupta had a meeting with Dr. Sreedharan, Mg. Director, DMRC. But since DMRC was unable to procure new Buses, we were advised to approach Delhi Transport Corporation for the same. Accordingly, we met Shri. Naresh Kumar, chairman, DTC for Feeder Bus Service from C.R. Park to Nehru Place. We are actively following this with D.T.C and only on 9-12-2010, we were told in a meeting with D.T.C officials in the presence of Shri. Virender Kasana, ex-Councillor that in view of the changed circumstances, we should again approach the Delhi Metro for the feeder Bus service which has since been done by us. The above points are for information of all concerned.

P.K. Roy

Monday, May 24, 2010

EBDP activities spur

Significant events during April -- May 2010

Ø Shri. Ajay Maken, M.P and Hon’ble Minister of State for Home Affairs along with Shri. Dhir Singh Kasana, Councillor and Shri. Virender Kasana, Ex-Councillor visited C.R. Park on 12-4-2010 and interacted with the office-bearers of various block R.W.As of the Area. .The meeting was organized by the E.B.D.P Association at Co-operative Puja Park, ‘J’ Block C.R. Park. The Hon’ble Minister and the Councillor were welcomed by Dr. Nitish Sengupta, Ex-M.P and others.
Ø Shri. Roy, Secretary of E.B.D.P Association requested the Hon’ble Minister for providing facilities for Multi-Level Car Parking , Carpeting of Roads and Back Lanes (E.B.D.P Association already received copies of the work orders), eliminating traffic hazards etc. Shri. Roy also pointed out that though as compared to other places, general law and order problems are much better because of the strict vigil of the local Police, but of late some incidents of snatching, car thefts etc. have happened. Shri. Roy requested the local Police for alerting their beat constables for avoiding such incidents.

Ø The E.B.D.P Association, C.R. Park had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. V.K. Malhotra, area M.L.A on 1st May 2010 who inaugurated one of the five Rain Water Harvesting Pits (Defunct Bore wells) sanctioned by the Delhi Jal Board and M.C.D, located at ‘G’ Block Park, C.R. Park opposite Chandra Lok cinema in the presence of office bearers of EBDP.

Ø Railway Reservation Van “Mushkil Aasan” being Parked near E.B.D.P
Association Building, I-1597, C.R. Park, New Delhi-110019.
At the behest of E.B.D.P Association, the Railways have already started to Park the “Mushkil-Aasan”Railway Reservation Van near the E.B.D.P office every Monday from 10-30 A.M to 4-30 P.M. This would facilitate the residents to book the Railway tickets from “Mushkil Aasan” Reservation Van.
Incidentally, it is also informed that our efforts with the Railways and Postal Deptt. to open a Railway Reservation Counter in the C.R. Park Post Office will shortly fructify.

Ø D.T.C Route Survey for New Buses.
Route Survey for plying D.T.C new Buses from C.R. Park was done and possibility for the following is round the corner:
(i) C.R. Park to Dwarka via A.I.I.M.S, Sarojini Nagar, Dhaula Kuan.
(ii) C.R. Park to N.O.I.D.A via Lajpat Nagar, Akshardham Temple etc.

Ø Replacement of old Water Pipelines.
Old and rusted water pipelines have been changed in 2/3 Blocks of C.R. Park with new water pipelines by Delhi Jal Board. Action is being taken to replace the old pipelines in other Blocks and financial sanction is being sought for the remaining Block of houses in C.R. Park.

Ø Good News for Residents of C.R. Park
Residents will be happy to know that after sustained efforts with the help of area representatives i.e. Councillor, M.L.A & M.P, Central Road Fund has released about Rs.6 Crores for strengthening of roads and improvement of drainage system etc.. Work Orders have already been issued for completion of work within next 6 months .

Ø Sanction of Rs.6 lakhs for new Bore Well in ‘F’ Block, C.R. Park.
To improve the water supply in ‘F’ Block, Shri. V.K. Malhotra, Hon’ble M.L.A has sanctioned Rs.6 lakhs for a new Deep Bore-well which will be installed by Delhi Jal Board. When installed the water supply will improve in ‘F’ Block.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did you say .. EBDP.. ?

Established in 1954 & registered under societies Act XXI of 1860, member of Bhagiadari Scheme
I-1597, Chittaranjan Park,New Delhi110019 Phone No.26270311/26270312/40543728 Website:EPDPassociationcrpark.

If you visit EBDP’s new building, you will reinvent none other than yourself. Find what you achieved by using this unifying platform called EBDP which is 56 years young today.

A. Present Continuous: -
 All RWA’s under the roof of EBDP
 Prompt follow up with MP/MLAs
 Local MCD counselor hears you at EBDP every Wednesday 8-9:30 AM
 VIPs come here to meet you
 Local police station invites you now a cup of tea to review security
 Publication of house journal, EBDP
- EBDP service saves your time and energy:
EBDP goes to-
 MCD (property tax etc.)
 Jal Board
 IT Department
 MTNL...... to pay your taxes and bills.

- EBDP looks after Civic amenities
 Improved water supply
 Many streets resurfaced
 Many lanes completed
 Traffic management
 Installation of many electric poles/lights

B. Past Landmarks
 Allotment of plots in CR Park to the applicants during 1960s, 70s, 80s.
 Shouldered all responsibilities as an interface between residents and Govt./DDA/MCD in all matters during the formative phase of CR Park.
-remodelling of Fish Market
 Pedestrian footbridge over outer ring road between B-Block , CR Park and Pamposh enclave.
 Construction of new EBDP building.
 Database of entire population of CR Park
 Extension of Delhi Metro to Nehru Place in second phase.

C. Future Perfect
 Piped Natural Gas supply to each home.
 Rain water harvesting.
-Cleaning of Sewer and supply water pipelines of the colony
-After a steady follow up ,MCD’s outlay of Rs 611.1 crores will now be spent to carpet all roads and lanes of the colony
 Fund to each RWA for maintenance of poles, roads etc.
 Railway reservation counters at market.
*****Caring for the old and underprivileged
 Old age home at A-Block (100 sq. yds, plan for 3 floors has been submitted by us to DDA)
- general security for the dependant old population
- general and emergency medical help
-monetary help to the underprivileged for marriage, education , school fees,books,health care
 Removal of encroachment on roads, pavements and pathways.
 CGHS dispensary at CR Park.
 Strategies for traffic decongestion.
 Green and eco strategies.
 Technological inventions e.g. solar energy, waterless urinal, electricity saver etc.
 Fire fighting station during Durga puja.
 Study of migration, growth of dependent population etc and project consequences.
 Pro-active stance to fight disaster.
 Enhancement of ICT facilities towards E-governance.
 Facilities to socialize and uphold cultural activities.

Please touch the right cord by sending suggestions through letter/email.

EBDP is a non-profit earning 56 years old social institution which has left its impression on the sands of time, has been surviving on donations.
For the project ***Caring for the Old and the Underprivileged , mentioned above , we need immediate donations. Donors get Income Tax exemtions under section 80 G of IT Act, Govt. of India for all such donations .
Spot News

Rain Water Harvesting Project for H-block park was inaugurated by Sh. S.S. Khandpal, Director ( Horticulture) in the presence of prominent citizens. Sh. S.D.Singh, CEO of an NGO for Environment and Forest was also present.

Candle Light march by nearly 500 residents on 4 Feb.2010.
EBDP organised the candle March in protest against the malicious and slanderous reporting by Hindusthan Times on 26 th and 27 th January 2010 to bring disharmony amongst various communitiues of CR Park.The March re-affirmed the feeling of oneness across caste , community and religion .

Over a dispute of allotment of the only open area ( or only lungs among the cluttered buildings) of the between M,N,P and pocket 52 which is being used by all communities around it for cultural / social functions and as the only playground for a large number of children to Buddha Tri Ratna Mission, Hon'ble High Court dismissed the petition of the local residents. Surprisingly, Hindusthan Times overdid this reporting by writing "CR Park loses land case, Delhi wins... the dominant community of an area cannot stop a member of any other community from entering any public space in that area". The residents are again moving a fresh petition to the Court.