Thursday, February 26, 2009

About EBDP Association (Delhi) C R Park


  1. East Pakistan Displaced Persons' Association has been Renamed as East Bengal Displaced Persons' Association as an AGM was held on 1st March, 2009 at Bipinpal Auditorium-C.R. Park with a overhelm majority.

  2. The Election of E.B.D.P Association, C.R. Park for New Managing Committee for the period 2009-2012 was held on 24th May, 2009 at Kali Mandir Complex- Netaji Subhash Hall. The following members were elected with thumping majority as mentioned below:-
    1.Dr. Nitish Sengupta __________ President
    2.Mr. A.K. Guha __________ Vice President
    3.Wg.Cdr. A.K. Haldar__________ Vice President
    4.Dr.Monojit Majumdar_________ Vice President
    5.Mr.Pijush Kanti Roy _________ Secretary
    6.Mr.Sumit Majumdar ___________ Treasurer
    7.Smt.Snigdha Roy _____________ Joint Secretary
    8.Mr.P.K. Paul ________________ Joint Secretary
    9.Mr.Narayan Dey ______________ Joint Secretary
    10.Mr.Prabhat Kumar Moita ___ Executive Member
    11.Mr.Tarunesh Bhattacharya __ Executive Member
    12.Mr.Bishwanath Ghosh ______ Executive Member
    13.Mr.Jayanta RoyChoudhury ___ Executive Member
    14.Mr.Jayanta Dutta Choudhury_ Executive Member
    15.Mr.A.K. Karmakar __________ Executive Member
    16.Mr.Tapan Aharya ___________ Executive Member
    17.Mr.Vivek Guha Thakurta ____ Executive Member
    18.Mr.Alok Kumar Mukherjee ___ Executive Member
    19.Mr.Abijit Bhattacharjee ___ Executive Member
    20.Mr.Bankim Bhattacharjee ___ Executive Member

    Besides: The following outstanding members were Co-opted and inducted as Special Invitees in the newly elected Managing Committe:-
    (1)Mr. Gautam Sen Chaudhuri ___ Co-opted Member
    (2)Mr.S.K. Das _____________ Special Invitee
    (3)Mr. Robi N. Mitra _______ Special Invitee

  3. E.B.D.P Association pleased to inform all members and well wishers that the following persons were Nominated as Patrons in the Second meeting of the Managing Committe held on 3rd July,2009 as mentioned Below:
    Chief Patron:-
    Shri. Sontosh Mohan Dev - Ex-Cabinet Minister.
    " S.P.Mukherjee-I.A.S (Rtd.)
    " Santonu Sen - Ex-Jt.Director
    " Nipeshh Talukdar-Ex-Indian Postal Service
    " Jadav Ch.Dey-Social-Activist&RealEst.Devlpr.
    " Byomkesh Bose- Sr. Technorat
    " N.R.Choudhury- Sr.Advocate-Supreme Court
    " P.R. Sarkar-Ex-Addnl.G.M-Railways
    Dr.S.K.Chowdhury-Ex-Director-Indian Redross Soc
    Shri.J.P.Sarkar-Ex-Sr. Architect,D.D.A
    " P.B.Shome- Entrepreneur.
    " B.C.Das- Social Activist
    " Nityananda Dey- Social Activist
    " Hari Sankar Sen- Consultant-Govt.of India
    " Sandip Dutta Gupta- Social Activist